How Far Up The Mississippi Can You Travel By Boat?

There are many famous rivers in the United States. From Colorado to the Rio Grande to the mighty Mississippi River. One river that has a following is the Mighty Mississippi.

There are 3,020 miles along the Mississippi River between St. Louis, Missouri, and New Orleans, Louisiana, so how far can you travel by boat?

This writing will provide you with all the necessary info on how far up the Mississippi can you travel by boat and the time it takes to travel. Read on!

How Far Up The Mississippi Can You Travel By Boat?

Can You Sail A Boat Up The Mississippi?

You can sail a boat up the Mississippi River, but it’s not recommended! Unlike the slow and steady river, the Mississippi is a fast and powerful river! Because of its long length, the Mississippi River has a strong current. This current is so strong, and it’s faster than some rapids!

That’s why it’s better to go with the current than try to conquer it. If you’re a skilled sailor, you might be able to pull it off. Just make sure that you have a life preserver, a life vest, an anchor, a boat repair kit, and more!

How Far Up The Mississippi Can You Travel By Boat?

The Mississippi is a major river that flows from Minnesota to Louisiana; it is also one of the longest and largest in the United States. The river flows approximately 4,181 miles, and nearly 2,350 of those miles are navigable for boats.

There are several hazards to navigating the Mississippi, including rocks, rough rapids, and snags. To navigate the river safely, it’s important to have a wide, flat-bottomed boat with a pointed bow and stern. You should also bring a map compass and know where the areas of the town you pass along the river.

How Long Do You Need To Boat Up The Mississippi?

If you want to float from Minneapolis, MN, to New Orleans, LA, on the Mississippi River, you will stay afloat for about two hours of paddling per day. After that, it will take you about three months to reach your destination.

This timeframe may be a bit shorter if you’re in better shape or longer if you’re not paddling every day or even at all because of bad weather.

There is no need to go all the way through New Orleans! You can stop along the way at many interesting cities like Memphis, Tennessee, Natchez, Mississippi, etc.

What Are Other Ways To Travel To Mississippi?

Is It More Convenient For You To Travel By Boat Or Car To Mississippi?

There are various ways to get to Mississippi, including boats and cars. If you want to take a boat to Mississippi, you need to know that it isn’t common to see boats in the state. However, you can get from the Gulf of Mexico to Mississippi’s shore by boat.

You can take different boats to the state, like an ocean liner or a tugboat. Suppose you are going by car; you can get to Mississippi by I-55. It’s important to note that there will be some traffic on this route due to it being the only road that leads to the state.

There are many different options to get to Mississippi, like cruising down the Mississippi River or taking a train. If you want to get there quickly, you can rent a car. Regardless of how you’re going to get there, pack snacks and your camera!

Is It Possible For You To Get To The Mississippi River From Chicago?

Yes. Cruising down the Illinois River and enjoying the sights of downtown Chicago. This is a beautiful route with much to see, such as Lakeside Resort State Park at mile marker 80.

However, make sure to clear that 17-foot bridge because your boat will not be able to hit it!


So, how far up the Mississippi can you travel by boat? – About nearly 2,350 of those miles are navigable for boats.

The Mississippi River is truly a unique and beautiful part of the United States. Hopefully, you have found all the useful info from this article!

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