How To Avoid Sinus Pressure When Flying? The Tips You Should Know!

Those with a sinus should learn how to avoid sinus pressure when flying. Otherwise, it may negatively affect you or cause serious pain during your flight. Below are some useful tips for this issue! Let’s scroll down to read!  

Before The Flight Takes Off

If you suffer from a stuffy nose and want to reduce sinus pressure, you had better take medicine before the plane takes off. The pills can help decrease swelling in the sinuses, allowing easier breathing through the nose.

Usually, the painful feeling of the sinus appears when there are sudden changes in the cabin, but the physical force in the nasal sinuses has not changed in time.

Hence, if the nose is ventilated, good air circulation will help quickly balance the pressure inside the sinuses with the external environment.

If you want medication, it’s advisable to take it a few hours before the boarding time. In case of too close flight time, we suggest you use sprays or nasal drops to be effective quickly.

During Your Flight

Chewing activity can reduce this physical force in the nasal sinuses when you are on the plane. This method is suitable when the plane takes off and the weight changes suddenly.

Once the plane has stabilized its altitude, you can swallow large sips of water besides chewing gum. It also helps to balance the pressure inside the sinuses early.

When The Plane Lands

Upon landing, the air force continues to change, and the sinus pain will return. To reduce sinus pressure instantly, you can close your mouths, squeeze your noses and exhale slowly, letting air escape through your nostrils.

Keep repeating this action after each breath and pay attention to the air exhaling both in the stuffy nostrils until the physical force in the sinuses balances again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Issues Can People Have When Flying?

When they take a flight, people can get different issues, including flu, cold, sinus or ear infection, etc.

2. Is It Dangerous To Fly With Sinus Issues?

Most doctors suggest that people should not fly when they have sinus issues. But if you must take a flight, decongestants can help you overcome some blockages to the air circulation.

3. What Are The Causes Of Sinus Pressure?

This issue is commonly a result of sudden changes in air pressure during landing or takeoff time.


In short, a sinus or ear infection may seriously be painful when you take a flight. That’s why it is essential to learn how to avoid sinus pressure when flying. When hope the tips above will help you get a successful and safe flight when you have sinus issues! Please do not hesitate to comment below for further details related to this topic! We’re glad to answer you! 

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