Korean Street Food In LA: Enjoy 5 Authentic Korean Dishes In The Western

Korea successfully introduces its cuisine to the world through movies, music videos, etc. In the United States, they also opened Korean towns to spread their culture to the Americans.

If you love this Asia country cuisine, you can’t miss these 5 Korean street food in LA. Let’s enjoy it!


For those who haven’t heard of this dish, seolleongtang is a popular staple in Korea, with a pale soup made of stewing ox bones for hours.

The soup is served with some slices of green onions, kimchi, and noodles. The broth is slightly dense, combined with the bouncy noodles, salt, pepper, and MSG creating an authentic, unforgettable Korean taste.

It’s highly recommended to try this delicious dish on rainy days to enjoy its hot and hearty flavor.

Kimbap – An Amazing Korean Street Food In LA

Kimbap always appears in Korean romantic movies as a main meal, a supper, a breakfast, etc. Generally, Korea can enjoy this dish any time of the day. It helps them fulfill their empty tummy and saves time for busy days.

You can feel the freshness of vegetables, the salty but yummy seaweed, and the fat of meat, egg, and other ingredients.

The chief also mixes different fillings to create joyful flavors for this old-but-gold Korean street food in LA. If you find the traditional one boring, you can try salmon or tuna fillings instead.

Haemul Pajeon

Haemul pajeon is considered “Korean Pizza” with thin dough and juicy and full topping. It is a pancake with a toasty cover mixed with seafood and scallion fillings. The seafood can be crab, shrimp, octopus, squid, etc.

Thanks to its thin dough, haemul pajeon is crispy outside and soft inside. The fresh seafood will make your mouth watering, and a little spicy scallion balances everything together.

This street food is usually served with spicy, stewing braised codfish with kimchi to enhance the flavor of the seafood. Also, you can combine this food with different types of banchan to reduce the fat.

Korean Barbecue

Barbecue, especially grilled Korean beef and fatty pork, has received many compliments from Koreans and foreigners. Why does Korean barbecue win other grilled food from other countries?

It’s all about the inch-thick meat, spicy marinade, and the banchan. No one can resist fatty belly pork, fresh vegetables, and spicy kimchi and chillis. All of them create a balanced flavor that fits people from different cultures.

In Koreatown, you can find many barbecue restaurants showing how popular this street food is.


Bibimbap is simple Korean street food in LA that you can also do yourself at home. It is a mixture of rice, different toppings, and spicy sauce. The sauce is the most attractive part of the dish.

Also, choosing suitable toppings is important to create an authentic Korean taste. You can consider some topping choices: sausage, boiled vegetables, fried egg, chopped pork/beef, tuna, etc.

A rule that you must follow is never to forget to add kimchi to bibimbap. Besides, a rare medium or medium fried egg is better than a well-done one. This is one of the most common mistakes when cooking bibimbap for foreigners.

Bibimbap is the best choice for your main meals, such as lunch and dinner, to fulfill your tummy with yummy food.


It is undeniable that Korean street food in LA Koreatown is yummy and authentic at affordable prices. If you want to enjoy this Asia cuisine fully, you should never miss any of the dishes listed above.

There are many Korean street foods we want to introduce to you. Join us and stay tuned for more!

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