McCredie Hot Springs: The Spectacular Spot To Visit For Your Holiday!

Nothing can compare to soaking in the warm water and enjoying the fresh air granted by mother nature after a series of stressful working days.

So if you are searching for such an experience, look no further than McCredie Hot Spring!

McCredie Hot Springs: Things To Know & What Can We Expect?

Though Oregon has a lot of hotsprings to offer, visitors have always preferred McCredie out of the selection. So let’s learn about what makes this particular spring such a hotspot!

Firstly, the spring is very easy to reach. In the Southeast of Eugene and the East of Oakridge, McCredie is a readily accessible hot spring close to Willamette National Forest along the Salt Creek. It’s proximity to the highway allows guests to pop in and out conveniently for a relaxing soak.

Aside from that, McCredie features lots of tourist attractions that gain a lot of attention every year. Not only does it allow you to gaze towards the endless scenery of nature while taking hot baths in mineral-rich water, but the variety of pool types at the facility also allow you to pick where to look and how to bathe.

Additionally, guests can choose how hot they want the water to be, and the staff will show them where to go. This is to ensure that the guests do not go into pools that are too hot for them to handle, as some people tend to be more sensitive than others.

The arrangement of stones at the water’s edge made the perfect merger of cool creek water and hot spring water; that’s how the water temperature can vary like so. The pools’ depth is nothing to worry about as well. They’re just about 2 feet from the surface.

The only major inconvenience is that there are no bathrooms near the pools. Still, we can still use a pit toilet in the parking lot not quite far from there. A note for those who want to visit: the McCredie is not open overnight, so you might want to plan your arrival before the sun is down. And although it’s free to enter the place, don’t forget to prepare $5 per car for the parking fee.

McCredie Hot Springs Direction & How To Get There?

Reaching McCredie Hot Spring is not hard to get to, since it’s so close to the highway. All you need to do is watch out for the turn

To begin with, when using Google Maps, you may see a spot marked as McCredie Parking Lot. But it is not supposed to be where you should stop.

They will have essential supplies for you to replenish yourself, such as picnic tables or restrooms. If you have a demand to use those, then stop. Otherwise, keep going on.

The hot springs lie on the river’s southern bank, which faces the highway. The parking lot is on the north side of your destination.

There will be a tiny pool that takes you a short walk to get there. Visitors often get upset as they misunderstand this dusty, depthless pool with filthy water for the hot spring.

However, the hot springs are actually right across the river from this little pool’s viewpoint.

Although there isn’t any bridge for you to walk across at all, don’t rush! Follow our guide, and you will find a narrow road half a mile from the parking lot that can lead to the other side of the river.

After that, walk along the trail. Keep an eye out for your surroundings, so you can catch a sign telling you to hike about 3 miles ahead. And that’s how you can arrive at this wonderful place!

McCredie Tourist’s Review & Experience

There will be nothing to complain about if you kick off your journey the right way. 

Almost every tourist rates the soaking in this destination as a fantastic destination. Here, people can take both a hot and cold bath near a river.

The water seems to be at perfect temperature all the time. Just in case, bring a thermometer or soak your hands before taking a dip. Moreover, the water may be gloomy. Still, it’s not due to the dirt but the good minerals that it contains.

Another thing that you might take as a plus is that there is rarely garbage, and the area is quiet enough for you to have a wonderful time with family or friends without being disturbed.


When is the ideal time to visit?

Spring, summer, and fall is the greatest season for you to pay a visit.

How many pools are there?

There are three to four pools.

Is there any odor in the water?

According to the visitors, they hardly smell anything.


Above are our tips for you to have an astounding holiday with your beloved ones. Hope this post on McCredie Hot Springs can be a great help to you. Stay tuned, and see you next time with more helpful writings!

George Morgan
There's a kindness ripple effect! When I share knowledge with others, I sometimes see them do the same. The sharing spreads.

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