Snow in Arizona – Explore Top 5 Wonderful Locations

Have you ever seen photos of North Pole weather and imagined the feeling of walking through dense forests or climbing on white mountains?

We are sure it will be the most magnificent moments you have experienced in life. This article will show you the top beautiful cities to observe snow in Arizona.

Fun Facts About Weather In Arizona

Arizona is not a State where it relates to snow, but in winter, it falls everywhere in the State. It drops about 75 inches every year in the North and skis vacation places.

In the summer, it may be extremely hot in Phoenix and low fields with a temperature of over 100 F degrees. Reverse to the North and up to 6000 feet to Flagstaff; the weather immediately changes to cool.

This applies in winter as well – it’s cool in Phoenix or Tucson, Flagstaff and Payson are frosty.

5 Best Places Of Snow in Arizona Suggestions

Even old-time locals or passing adventurers will be interested in some locations we will suggest below because of their beauty and attraction. Let’s check out the top 5 wonderful places in white!


Due to its location at 7000 feet of height, Flagstaff is widely known as one of the most persistent locations to observe snow. It falls about 75 inches from October to April, which means you can see winter landscape sights in town in January and February.

In the winter, Flagstaff may be mistaken for a ski town in a traditional winter state. People can see many ski rental stores, enjoy snow heaps along the walking road, and watch others walking around with big and thick coats.

The cool wind brings you the feelings of high mountains. Looking around recovered old houses in Flagstaff center, you might think about Colorado or Park City, Utah, but it’s easy to understand.

If you want to drive to Flagstaff, you can obviously go from Phoenix to Interstate 17 and then move from the desert to the highest mountain peak in two hours. 


Payson is also a remarkable pit stop to discover snow when visiting Arizona. Situated 90 minutes from Phoenix from the northeast, this mountain community lies on the highlands of Mogollon Rim.

The height forces cool weather and total snowfall about 2 feet every year. The best time for observing is from December to March.

Around Payson, you can easily find gorgeous scenery with craggy cliffs, lofty Ponderosa pine trees, and gurgling streams. When snow falls, this place becomes the dream of any photographer when they arrive here.

Depending on road quality, the edge of Mogollon Rim’s nearby visitor’s hub may be the most attractive view to watch snowfalls.

Prescott Town

Passengers call Prescott “Christmas Town of Arizona” because of its sparkle on Christmas Eve. To have an impressive celebration night, little snow is indispensable. Luckily, Prescott fits this need with about half a foot falling every winter.

Every December, all lights in the town will be on in the center and around with exciting, colorful Christmas lights parties. This event takes place right before the pageant, usually in the first week of December.

Sedona Red Rocks

Maybe there is nowhere more magnificent than Sedona for watching snowfall in Arizona. This offbeat community is located in the most wonderful spot in the State, with fiery red rocks beside green trees and shrubs.

Snowfall happens various times each year, and the landscape is unbelievably beautiful. We are sure you will not waste your time here.

The red rocks stand out in the middle of white and green trees. When the snow melts, the waterfall appears and settles down to stunted rock surfaces.

It takes about 2 hours to drive from Phoenix to Sedona; you should drive along Interstate 17 and avenue 19.

The Grand Canyon

Besides Sedona, the Grand Canyon is also a famous place for visitors to observe. It is especially cold as well due to 5 feet snowfall each winter. The edge in the South is about 7000 feet high, and the winter storm and wind run side to side from lowland to the margin.

The Grand Canyon with colorful stones in a white covering coat is an outstanding view. People cannot contemplate this breathtaking spot if they come in the summer months. That’s why we suggest you visit it in winter, the best time to feel its incredible silence and stillness.

You will have a fabulous experience of discovering many wild animals such as elk with their thick and furry coats. Inspecting The Grand Canyon in winter with white mountains, amazing animals, shooting moments is a remarkable thing that you will remember deeply.

Bottom Line

For those of you who are looking for some snow to play in, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of 5 excellent spots to view snow in Arizona.

With this information, hopefully, you won’t have to miss out on any more winter fun! Don’t forget to prepare some warm clothes and a few hot drinks before coming. Enjoy!

Della Harmony
Della Harmony
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