Top Tourist Attractions: Where To See Gorillas In Africa?

Africa has a lot of wonderful spots that can make you feel one with nature. There is something about the African bush that can make it so that you enjoy being there, and they’re those wild Gorillas.

This blog is all about where to see Gorillas in Africa and how to have your best day in the wild with these interesting animals.

Where to See Gorillas in Africa?


You may be surprised to learn that Rwanda is home to approximately 30% of the world’s surviving mountain gorillas. These apes dwell in Volcanoes Park. Gorilla trekking here is extremely popular, drawing many tourists and school groups to the country annually.

Rwanda’s permits, however, are pricey – they are $1500. Visitors looking to experience true luxury while in Africa can now do so by booking accommodation at Musanze, which offers super luxurious tented safari lodges towering over some of the most beautiful vistas, giving you unparalleled views over this incredible destination.


Amongst the most fantastic safaris in this country are those that take you through Bwindi National Park, where there happen to be around 400 great apes belonging to 13 different groups.

This park also provides experiences such as the Ape habituation experience. Here, visitors are able to spend four hours interacting with semi-habituated gorillas. While these gorillas do not behave as calmly and predictably as habituated groups of apes, it gives guests an intimate opportunity to learn more about the unpredictable primates.

With the number of tourists visiting the Ugandan jungle increasing by the year, it’s vital to keep the animals safe from too much cultural interference. Visitors are limited to one viewing a day, so it’s best to arrange your trip at least a year ahead.


Cameroon is a beautiful country located in West Africa that’s perfect for nature and animal lovers as it has many species of wildlife. You can find western, eastern gorillas, and even the critically endangered Cross River species within Cameroon’s borders.

If you want to see the Cross River ape, Limbe Wildlife Center is the place to go, while the western lowland species of the primate are found in national parks, such as Campo-Ma’an and Mefou.

Congo Brazzaville

The Republic of Congo, a country is also known as Congo Brazzaville, is one of the best places to see the Western lowland apes’ natural habitat in the wild. There are two habituated gorilla types that you can easily track at Odzala-Kokoua Park – the most famous wildlife park in the country. And because it isn’t easy to reach, it’s not cheap either!

You might think the cost is expensive (it is), but if you ever have a chance to see these great creatures for yourself or study them closely and learn more about them this way, it’s worth it.

The Central African Republic

Do you want to get close and personal to western lowland apes? Well, this beautiful country provides some of the best opportunities for tracking these mighty primates.

The gorillas mostly inhabit dense tropical rainforests, such as Dzanga-Ndoki Park, where it can be hard to spot them and take good photos, but with this challenge comes the reward of being able to observe these lovely animals’ natural habitat.


We hope you find this blog helpful if you are in the area and looking for where to see Gorillas in Africa. And don’t forget to leave your thoughts below; we would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have!

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