Why Put Plastic Bags On Car Mirrors When Traveling Alone?

Solo traveling is always fun, free, and exciting. However, it is also troublesome and dangerous to stay alone on the road.

If you have searched for solo traveling tips, you will find a piece of out-of-nowhere advice to cover your car mirrors with plastic bags. “Why put plastic bags on car mirrors when traveling alone” will jump into your mind because it’s so eccentric to most of us.

Hereby, we will guide you on this tricky tip. Scroll down to find the answer!

Why Put Plastic Bags On Car Mirrors When Traveling Alone?

Keep Your Mirror Clean

Covering your car mirrors with plastic bags will protect them from dirt. Another source of strain is bird droppings will be removed easily with plastic bags. Hence, it takes less effort to clean your car, which is less time-consuming and money-saving.

This trick works even better in winter when it’s snowing heavily. You do not need to worry about thin ice on the mirrors prohibiting your vision.

When the mirrors are clean, you will have safer and more joyful journeys.

An Anti-Thief Protection

If your mirrors are clean, people can see through them and know what is in your car. The noticeable valuable can drive the thief to break into your car and steal things.

By covering the mirrors with plastic bags, you can hide valuable assets from others’ sight. You can also choose luggage or other large objects instead to stop thieves from doing crimes.

Block Lights From Vehicles Behind And The Sun

It isn’t very pleasant to get lights and heat from other vehicles and the sun when enjoying your trips.

Sunlight with UV is the main reason for skin cancer and other skin diseases. By minimizing its exposure to our body, you can protect your health somehow. And blocking the light with plastic bags is a great idea.

During the night trips, the headlights of other vehicles can distract you from driving. It also limits your sight and affects your safety when driving. The plastic bags will reduce the effect of other vehicles’ light and other light sources on you.

Hence, that’s the answer to why put plastic bags on car mirrors when traveling alone.

why put plastic bags on car mirrors when traveling alone

The Disadvantages Of Covering Car Mirrors With Bags

Proof Of Your Vulnerable Situation

Although it’s beneficial to use plastic bags to cover the car mirrors when traveling alone, it signifies your “alone” status. Consequently, you are likely to become a potential target of criminals.

If you are a woman traveling alone, we do not recommend applying this trick. You can consider using other large objects to cover your interior. When parking the car in the winter, it is ok to use this trick, no matter what gender you are.

Inconvenience When Removing Them At Home

It’s easy to remove the plastic bags from your car mirrors when you get home. However, thinking about putting them on again when you are about on the trip may make you tired.

Another thing to concern is the reusability of the bags. If it is in perfect status, you can reuse them; By contrast, you have to replace them with new ones. These activities take time and cause environmental problems.

However, it’s just a piece of cake compared to its amazing features in protecting you and your car.

You can choose zip lock bags or an environmental-friendly bags that are thick and durable to use repeatedly.


If it’s the first time you read tips for solo traveling, you may wonder, “why put plastic bags on car mirrors when traveling alone”. We hope this post gives you a convincing answer.

If you love exploring the world by yourself, we will be your companion to give the best tips and tricks. Let’s connect and start our journeys!

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