Can I Travel With Valium To Other Nations?

Valium contains the active substance diazepam, which treats anxiety, alcoholism, or seizures. However, in some cases, it is considered a banned substance. Can I travel with Valium?

This is one of the common and necessary questions for any traveler. Some travelers will undoubtedly require medication while on vacation, but do you even know there are restrictions on what medications you could and should, and cannot bring with you? Now let’s begin to explore this rather important issue.

Is Valium A Prescription Drug?

Valium is one prescription-only drug used to treat depression and anxiety, symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, or muscle spasms. It is sometimes combined with other medications to treat epileptic fits.

This is one brand-name medicine that relates to the benzodiazepine drug class. Valium’s generic name is diazepam. Without health coverage, the Valium prescription recharge could cost up to $17.51.

You can, nevertheless, use a SingleCare Valium coupon to reduce the retail price of Valium and charge the lower rate of $0.75 with all refills.

Can I Travel With Valium?

The answer depends on your destination.

Different nations have different regulations regarding the kinds of drugs brought into those countries and the maximum amount that can be brought in.

Several medicines available without a prescription in the United Kingdom may be restricted in other nations, and conversely.

Diazepam and other controlled substances have been illegal in several nations. They could be seized, or you could get in distress with the cops. The traveler might also have to employ a specific approach for the return trip or those certain legs of their journey.

Valium is not permitted in Greece or Japan, which is prohibited in the U.A.E.

This is, however, permitted in Dubai, but it can only be declared in advance via an online application presented last year. Tourists who do not comply could face prosecution.

Although flight emergencies are uncommon, there are worries about Diazepam clients’ reduced awareness but rather reaction times.

This could present a major probably won’t be able to respond in a way that can save their living in the case of emergencies onboard possibly requiring evacuation.

Diazepam remains in the system for a long time. If the role demands you to offer up to drug screening, taking diazepam may cause you to underperform.

How Can I Travel With My Medication Safely And Legally?

Check the law for all of the regions you’ll be visiting, including those you’ll pass through.

Keep all of the medications, including vitamin supplements, in the initial, properly marked bottles or packaging with the carry-on suitcase.

Carry on all medications, including nutritional supplements, in the initial, clearly marked boxes and packaging in your clear plastic bags.

Check that the title on the prescribed medication, the medical container, the passport, or even the person’s identity card receiving the medication all match. If you misplaced the product specifications insert, ask the doctor to copy a replacement.

Also, before you leave, check the website of the Transportation Security Administration for the most up-to-date laws and regulations on transporting and packing your medication.

Standard liquid carry-on rules do not apply to medicines in fluid and gel form, and you must notify the T.S.A. while passing through security to avoid confiscation.


For the question ‘Can I travel with Valium?’, we would no longer provide Valium or related drugs for flying anxiety. In another post, we would suggest flight anxiety classes, as recommended by the aviation sector.

General Medical Services does not cover flight nervousness as described in the G.P. contract. As a result, we are not required to recommend it. Patients who want to take Valium for flight anxiety should see the travel clinic or private GP.

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