Why Put A Crayon In Your Wallet When You Travel – Practical Reasons

Crayons are commonly related to kids, and although adults are free to use them, they are typically thought of as a child’s coloring equipment. As a result, the sole purpose you would need to hold one in your belongings is to have a kid with you.

So, why put a crayon in your wallet when you travel. We can deliver a few most practical reasons, and they may sound unrelated to you. However, our purpose is to bring all the useful information to help you decide whether it is worth carrying one when traveling.

Why Put A Crayon In Your Wallet When You Travel

Keep A Restless Child Entertained

We believe that the most practical reason is entertaining an unhappy child. A crying, irritable youngster may be upset about everything, no matter where you travel.

Offering your child this colorable toy with a sheet of paper will distract their attention, and let the kid play with them when you’re driving, sitting in public places, or in whatever event that demands calm and quiet.

Furthermore, you should wrap a paper sheet around it to avoid staining your other stuff. You may take a whole pack with you. It doesn’t need to be only one and doesn’t require you to put it in your wallet.

Save Children If They Are in Harm

The reason does raise some concerns by saying it could save a child. Based on really simple logic, if you believe a young one is in harm for any reason, you may give them a prepared colorable toy covered inside a paper roll.

The kid then can draw a sign that implies they are in danger. Generally, it’s a non-obtrusive approach, as adults sometimes hand these to children. The child can easily use them to draw help or need an assistance sign.

Although the chances of you ever being in such a circumstance like this are low, who can expect it?

Help Avoid Bending Your Cards

The final reason may be the most strange one on our list. You can put this coloring toy inside the wallet to keep all your cards from bending over the wallet’s form. So, having a paper sheet covered around is highly recommended.

You have to put it with paper wrapped around next to your card compartment. Given the solid structure, a crayon will aid in the alignment and sturdiness of your cards. The main reason for this method is that it has approximately the same length as a credit card.

Why Not Anything Else

Whenever you travel, a crayon can always be used to draw or write, whereas a pen and a pencil may fail to do so. Seemingly, without sharpness, pencils quickly have their pointy heads snapped and become nearly worthless.

Similarly, pens can be dried up, which becomes unusable. A colorable toy is much more fun, and your child will have the most enjoyable time using it.


We had you covered with why put a crayon in your wallet when you travel. However, as we stated in the opening, we only wish to give you some advice. Carrying a paper-wrapped coloring toy in your wallet is always good when visiting places with small children.

You may also bring a whole pack instead of one only. Additionally, a usual approach is to let it straighten your credit card form, but it would feel unordinary to apply. Thank you for reading! See you in the next post!

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