Can You Travel With Foster Kids – All Information You Need To Know

Traveling is an integral part of the family, especially during the holidays or summer. If your family has adopted children, you should bring them along. The government and state also encourage it to make children feel more loved and develop better mentally.

In addition, on each trip, children also expand their knowledge about different cultures or admire the majestic natural scenery. If you wonder about “Can you travel with foster kids?”, please read the article below to understand better.

Can You Travel With Foster Kids?

The answer is yes. Under parental law, you can take your adopted child on a trip for up to 72 hours without any approval from any agency. If your stay is longer than these 3, you will need to contact the child’s agency or the court under certain circumstances.

In addition, you can also do enough paperwork to get custody of your children before you start traveling. That will make traveling with adopted children much simpler. You can travel abroad with your adopted child or travel within the country but still need the permission of the child care agency.

It would be best if you also informed the specific travel schedule to that agency, and they will reconfirm the information before you travel. The information you are required to declare is the destination address and contact phone number. Remember to prepare enough documents for children, especially when traveling by plane.

Something To Consider When Traveling With Foster Kids

Where To Go: Home Or Abroad

Traveling in the country or abroad depends on the economy of each family. However, when choosing to travel abroad, you will need to take care of more procedures and spend more money. You need to ensure you have all the necessary documents and get a permit from the child custody agency.

Traveling abroad with an adopted child is also a popular choice because it helps bond the child with your family. Children will not feel alone or lost, and they will be closer to you.

Foreign trips also help children expand their knowledge and experience different cultures worldwide. They are also free to play, enjoy delicious food and keep many good memories with their new family.

It would help to choose places with beautiful scenery and a pleasant atmosphere for domestic trips. In that setting, children also feel more relaxed and approachable.


Once a suitable destination has been selected and booking a room in advance, parents should inform the hotel that they will have young children with them. Thus, the hotel will have the best preparation for your family.

Renting a hotel with a separate room for your child is the perfect choice for your family. Because adopted children prefer to be in their own space rather than sharing with their parents, children will be free to do what they like and enjoy traveling with their new family.

Keep Your Children Safe And Confident

If traveling with your foster kid, you need to check the weather before the day of travel. Don’t be afraid to cancel your trip if there is a storm, natural disaster, or an outbreak of disease. Remember your child’s safety comes first.

Remember to bring some common medications such as fever reducer, cough medicine, thermocouple, bandages, antiseptic for wounds, digestive enzymes, etc. It will be very helpful if your kid gets sick or stays sick because of the strange weather. Play and fall and scratch your hands and feet.

Preparation For Your Foster Kids

Even if you don’t want to, you should think about the case of your baby getting lost to prevent and minimize the consequences. You should write the baby’s name, your spouse’s name, home address, phone number, and hotel address on a piece of paper and put it in the baby’s shirt pocket.

For older children, you need to tell them to protect themselves. If they can’t see their parents, they need to see someone (police officer, security officer at the pier, car, airport) to ask to find their parents. Need for your baby to memorize your phone number and hotel address.


This article explains “Can you travel with foster kids?” for you. You can choose any destination, but you need to confirm some information with the children’s agency before the trip.

This trip is also a good opportunity for your family to become closer to children. Meanwhile, children also feel relaxed when they come to a new space and experience many new things. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

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