What Is The Traveler Worried About? – Some Common Fears

You are preparing to start a new trip for relaxation, but your mind is full of worries about this trip? So what is the traveler worried about?

Well, this article will provide you with detailed answers to this question and how to help them overcome these worries. Let’s get started!

What Is The Traveler Worried About?

Worrying or fearing about some matters before starting a journey somewhere is a common problem for many people. But what are their worries? Below are some most popular fears that people may experience before a trip:

Fear Of Flying

According to recent research, 25% of people experience a fear of flying when going to a holiday destination by plane. The anxiety can include the worry of crashes or claustrophobia.

For some passengers with this problem, they might show several physical reactions such as the churning of the stomach, drying mouth, or increased heart rate.

Fear Of Heights

Do you feel that climbing up a mountain or standing on the brink of a summit is a nightmare for you? Or are you scared of living on the 40th floor of a skyscraper?

If you have these symptoms, you may experience height-related anxiety before traveling. This problem can trigger a heart attack for some people as well.

Fear Of Germs

Another common phobia that pre-trip people might encounter is mysophobia which is the worry of germs and contamination. Because germs appear anywhere in our daily life, this worry is heightened when you are traveling to a new place.

Fear Of Bugs

The last-mentioned but popular travel-related phobia is the anxiety of bugs. This anxiety may be triggered when travelers decide not to stay in hotels or have a camping trip as they can see many bugs like bed bugs or spiders.

How To Cope With Travel Anxiety?

If you are experiencing this problem, here are some tips that you can try to get rid of it:

Discover The Root Of Pre-Travel Anxiety.

By identifying clearly the source of your worry, you can know how to deal with it effectively.

Note down all things that make you feel nervous or scared? Is it the flying anxiety? Or the fear of insects? Or do you feel worried when going abroad alone? Do you feel nervous because it is the first time you are going on a trip, and you are afraid of being lost?

When you can pinpoint exactly what’s triggering your phobia, you can solve them. In case you are worried about your medical conditions, consulting a doctor before starting your trip is a great choice.

Take Care Of Yourself About One Week Before The Journey.

Even though you do not encounter any signs or symptoms of travel anxiety, it is great to practice self-care one week before your vacation.

That’s because this activity can build up your coolness and make you feel calmer, thereby avoiding any stresses that may happen during your trip.

Doing exercise for just one hour per day can help you minimize the risk of trauma or depression and improve your overall health as well. Therefore, spend time doing yoga and stretching your body.

Besides that, you also should spend time with your loved family and friends, follow a healthy eating diet, sleep on time, drink enough water, and do whatever you want in your pastime.

All these activities will help you build up your self-care, which can, in turn, bring benefits to your ahead journey.

Find More Information About Your Destination.

By understanding more about the place you will come to, you can decrease your level of worry and also reduce the chances of experiencing unexpected problems.

It is important to book the hotel first, write down emergency service numbers as a safety precaution and install a map app on your phone or bring a paper map so that you can know how to get around.

Moreover, read some travel journals and blogs about the place so that you can feel more inspired to explore this place to the fullest.


Travel anxiety is not a new but popular problem for many people.

Hopefully, this article has given you detailed information about “What is the traveler worried about? ” and the solutions to cope with this problem. Therefore, you can reduce your pre-trip worries to the maximum. Finally, we hope you have a nice vacation ahead!

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