How To Clean Puffco Peak Travel Glass? – Some Useful Tips

You have already bought a Puffco Peak travel glass for your next journey, but do not know how to clean Puffco Peak travel glass?

Don’t worry because this article is here to provide you with detailed information about the cleaning process of this item and other useful tips. Let’s get started!

How To Clean Puffco Peak Travel Glass?

This is a necessary thing for people when going on a trip, but how to clean it is still a question for some. If you are one of them, the below information is for you:

Quick Clean

Applying a piece of cotton swab inside the bowl to soak up all the remaining concentrate material can be considered the easiest as well as the quickest solution to clean this item.

Deep Clean

When you use glass paraphernalia, you will need a deep cleaning process to help your accessory remain pristine after use.

The same as the way you might use to wash a bong, pour isopropyl alcohol into a container and soak the glass attachment to the solution for sixty minutes.

This process will play a role in freeing up all the remaining sticky material of past dab sessions. If you want to do something quickly, pour the prepared alcohol directly into the glass and shake them together.

In case you see the leftover is still in the bowl after using a piece of a cotton swab, what you should do next is heat 0up the item to make the remaining become a liquid. This action will help the cleaning process become easier.

When washing the atomizer, what you need to do is unscrew this and soak it in isopropyl alcohol, then leave this for a night.

When cleaning the atomizer, remove its screw and submerge it into isopropyl alcohol, leaving it soaking overnight.

Remember to take the bowl from the jacket in case you absolutely need to do this because this action can cause the break of the atomizer.

If you have to get rid of it, put it on a surface that is not rough and take out the screw of the heating proponent in a gentle way.

To wash the item’s base, pour some isopropyl alcohol into a cotton swab and use this swab to clean all the remaining. Regarding the inside base, you will need to wash in a harsh way to deter all the dust in areas like the airpath or the well.

It is recommended to use the cotton swab to remove all leftovers for the connection pins and the atomizer.

Several Warnings When Cleaning Puffco Peak

When washing this item, there are several things that you should pay attention to:

  • After washing, let all components of the item become dry before continuing using.
  • Before pulling out the atomizer, you should ensure that the bowl is cooled down.
  • Remember not to make the base wet as the electricity could be broken.
  • You should wash the device after 20 uses.


How Often Should I Clean My Peak?

It is advisable that you should fully wash the item each time when you see the battery is running low and need to be full again.

When it comes to the atomizer, you should wash it when you see the rainbow light from your phone.

What Is The Best Cleaning Solution For My Peak?

The greatest cleaning approach for the device is using 99% Isopropyl alcohol. This 99% concentration is the best because if you use the lower concentration that contains water, this could bring some problems in the long run.


It has become a popular device for many people, but not many people fully understand how to clean Puffco Peak travel glass or what is needed for the cleaning process.

Hopefully, this article has given you detailed information about this matter so that you can easily clean, protect and use your device many times.

Evan White
Evan White
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