How To Fold A Polo Shirt For Travel – Best Tips To Keep It Neat

Polo shirts are a staple in many men’s wardrobes. If you are traveling, you might have no closet available to you and will be forced to fold them to fit in your bag. They are the perfect shirts to have on hand when going on an overnight business trip or packing for a long weekend.

In this article, we will describe the steps you need on how to fold a polo shirt for travel. Let’s do it together!

How To Fold A Polo Shirt For Travel

Folding a polo shirt for travel can be easy if you know what you are doing. Here is how to make sure your polo stays tidy for the entire trip:

Step 1: Lay The Polo Shirt Out

First, take the time to lay the polo shirt out on a flat surface or over the back of a folding chair. Place it at the end of the table closest to you with buttons facing toward you and facing down.

From there, you will be able to get started by buttoning up all of the front buttons. If there are multiple buttons on either your sleeves or collar, double-check that all of them are fastened.

Step 2: Fold Its Sleeves

Second, you need to flip up the polo shirt, then make sure your front is flipped towards the downside. Continue with folding the sleeves to the body of the polo shirt by doing one sleeve each time, carefully folding it to your shirt’s middle line. Do not simultaneously fold over the seams on the side; instead only fold the sleeves.

Step 3: Smooth Out The Wrinkles

The next step is to run your hand over the shirt fabric to smooth out any folds. Also, running your hand over each fold will tighten the roll and ensure it is secure. If you still find a wrinkle on the surface, adjust the weave carefully until all the wrinkle has completely disappeared, and you are left with a crisp and clean polo shirt.

Step 4: Fold The Shirt In Half

Then, carefully lift the back of the polo shirt at chest level and ensure that your fingers are as close to either shoulder. Repeat this process to the other half and make sure the back of your shirt resembles a V shape beneath the collar.

To finish up, use your hands to lift the bottom portion of the polo shirt until you have created a folded area. Make sure not to move too fast, or it might fall! Then, make sure that the folds are even on either side, overlapping evenly. Turn it over, and you are done!

How To Roll A Polo Shirt

​Rolling a polo shirt the right way is a key part of maintaining a fresh look when you are on the go. It makes your polos smaller and allows you to save space in your luggage while keeping it looking crisp and new throughout your travels.

To begin, place the polo shirt on the bed or any flat surface with the collar facing upwards. Fold the bottom of the shirt and roll upwards. This will shorten the shirt and create a tighter roll to finish rolling up the sleeves.

Next, you need to grab ahold of the left side of the polo shirt, then fold it inward toward the center so that it is facing upward. Then do the same thing with the right side of the shirt. The sleeves should be touching slightly and overlap depending on the style, but not too much.

Finally, use both of your hands to grab the collar, then begin to roll downwards. Move slowly so that you don’t neglect some areas more than others. Make sure your hands are on the fabric and the roll is secure by giving a light press when you reach its end.

Tips To Fold A Polo Shirt For Travel

  • You can buy a folding board that will walk you step by step on how to make a clean fold.
  • It is good to fold some polo shirts when you are working from a waist-high surface. It can save you effort since the floor is less likely to wrinkle your clothing.
  • Try to place tissue papers between polo shirts to keep them from wrinkling while stacked.


Should I Hang Or Fold A Polo Shirt?

Polo shirts are manufactured with knit pique fibers that add a bit of strength and durability to the fabric. The best way to store them is not by hanging them, as this will stretch out the shirts over time. Instead, it is recommended that you fold them up and keep them in your closet.

How To Keep Polo Shirts From Wrinkling?

You should take your clothes out of the washing machine when the wash cycle has ended when doing laundry. This will allow for most of the wrinkles created by the transfer process from the washer to the dryer to drop out of the clothes. The overall effect will result in fewer, smaller creases.


It is important to pack light and only bring the essentials when traveling. One piece of clothing that you should always pack is a polo shirt, and there are some good ways to do so.

We hope you enjoyed this post on how to fold a polo shirt for travel and see how easy it is to use this method on folding one. If you have any questions about our post, please feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you so much for reading!

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