How Soon Can You Travel By Car After Knee Replacement?

Post-surgery it can be hard to ride or drive. Many of us take riding and driving a car for granted in life until we go through this type of operation.

If you need to think about “How soon can you travel by car after knee replacement?”, here’s some advice for what to expect. Let’s read on!

How Soon Can You Travel By Car After Knee Replacement?

Depending on your general health, the skill level of driving, and the type of vehicle driven, you may be able to operate a motor vehicle again in as little as four weeks after your surgery.

However, this number can vary based on how much medication was used during recovery – it is imperative to always listen to what your doctor or physio says!

Driving Home From The Hospital Situation

One of my biggest challenges was the prospect of getting into a car after surgery.

I had been carried out of the hospital and put in a wheelchair when we finally came up with an idea- for me to sit in the back with my leg stretched across, then stand up and climb over before sitting down in the passenger seat.

Each time I tried to get into the backseat, I failed miserably. By the third try, I decided it was best if we just left me where I am. My knee pains prevented me from getting in comfortably, but they also made exiting the vehicle impossible.

The twenty-minute drive home seemed like an eternity, but once we got there – all became better when my son parked in the driveway instead of out front.

With him taking care of logistics and giving me a helping hand with getting around – I was finally at peace for what felt like forever once we reached our destination, albeit parking off to one side so that he could open up his door for us.

Driving To And From The Therapist Situation

The first time I sat in a car after the surgery was when I visited the offsite physical therapist during my second week post-surgery. After that, it became too much trouble to drive myself to and fro, so they offered me rides in their larger SUVs.

It had its advantages – being able to stretch my leg out properly with less effort or bother upon entering or exiting the vehicle and its disadvantages – sitting still for long periods on bumpy roads.

No matter how carefully you try to hold your head still, you can only see what’s immediately in front of you due to windows either frosted or tinted (except when headlights are coming towards you).

Advice For Traveling Comfortably After Knee Replacement

Below are some tricks for staying comfortable while driving after having surgery on your knees. The experience can be exhausting and uncomfortable. These are ways to stay comfy while driving:

The easiest position for getting in and out of the car from either side is from the front passenger seat or front-back seats.

When first starting, using your arms for leverage when getting in and out helps balance.

For those who use a walker or cane to assist them, remember that this tool will hinder them from being able to get into vehicles quicker than normal drivers. It might be best for those drivers to leave their assistance devices outside the vehicle before entering themselves.

When you feel stiff after long drives – pullover and find somewhere safe where you can relax while stretching your muscles, so they feel rejuvenated again.

how soon can you travel by car after knee replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Be Able To Return To Work After Knee Surgery?

Workers that sit at desks for extended periods can come back after six weeks, but those who stand on their feet all day may take up to 12 weeks before returning.

How Soon Can You Travel By Plane After Knee Replacement?

Please do not take any flights within six weeks of your surgery after undergoing a knee replacement or if you’re going to be taking long haul flights, please stay away from them for three months before.

how soon can you travel by car after knee replacement


It is quite difficult for patients to travel by car or other forms of transportation after knee replacement. Therefore, they need to be cautious when driving not to sustain any injuries. Hope this article can help you know How soon can you travel by car after knee replacement? And thank you for your time!

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