Swimming With Dolphins In Puerto Rico – An Unique Experience That You Shouldn’t Miss!

After working days and nights for several months, you eventually have some time for yourself. Accidentally, while browsing the Internet, you find an advertisement about Puerto Rico with all the long beautiful beaches, significant sightseeings, and landscapes.

Appealed by this pop-up ad with an attractive title, “Swim with dolphins in Puerto Rico”. You ask yourself, “Are there dolphins in Puerto Rico?” and then click on this commercial without any hesitation and find out this is what you are looking for.

However, this pop-up can’t satisfy your curiosity as it lacks the information and data you need. Therefore, we help you have the best experience while swimming with dolphins in Puerto Rico. Let’s get this started!

Where You Can Swim With Dolphins In Puerto Rico?

If you want to swim with dolphins in Puerto Rico, several places will meet your needs. However, In this article, we pick out the most famous destinations to introduce to you. Below are the top 3 sites we highly recommend.

San Juan Bay

Located in number 1, we have San Juan Bay. Swimming with dolphins San Juan Puerto Rico has become a popular activity attracting many tourists for several years.

This beautiful harbor, located in the center of San Juan, is a famous tourist destination with many historic structures. There’s a strong possibility you’ll see a pod of dolphins in this area.

A boat excursion is the greatest way to view the pod of dolphins around San Juan Bay. A kayak tour is the greatest way to watch dolphins since the guides are familiar with the region and take you directly into the water.

Condado Lagoon

In number 2, we have the Condado Lagoon. This area is also an excellent place to experience swimming with pods of dolphins in Puerto Rico.

Dolphins may occasionally be seen swimming about in this area. There will also be many more species to observe, such as jellyfish and manta rays.

You can enjoy different ways to interact with aquatic mammals in this lagoon. The most common method is paddling alongside dolphins on the kayak with the transparent bottom. Another way you can consider is to hop on a water bicycle.

These activities will bring you so much joy and give you a chance to be surrounded by these cutie mammals.


Swimming with a pod of dolphins in Puerto Rico’s westernmost region, Rincón, is a must-do activity as Dolphins and other aquatic life often visit rincón’s beaches. One of the best beaches to do this activity is Steps Beach.

You can go snorkeling and witness many sea creatures like turtles and different types of fish there. If you are lucky enough, you can see dolphins.

A barrier reef covers the whole beach, making it ideal for snorkeling; most visitors organize a snorkeling excursion to ensure they will have the full experience when traveling to this place.

Swimming With Dolphins In Puerto Rico

The Best Time For This Activity

Dolphins are more easily seen during the dry season when it’s less choppy, and the weather is much more pleasant.

During the early morning hours, dolphins make their way back to the beach to feed. They “nap” and relax during this period. You’ll know if the dolphins are happy when seeing you around their territory. If they see you, they’ll most likely swim away without establishing eye contact.

The Expense

San Juan Bay

The Water Bike Tour will cost you around $47.00, which is a quite decent and reasonable price to have one of a kind swimming with dolphin experience. However, if your budget is generous, renting a sailing cruise with a price of $93.00 will be a great choice.

Condado Lagoon

As mentioned above, Kayak Tour is an ideal way to swim along with a pod of these mammals. You will spend around $54.60 for two adults and have about one hour paddling on this unique boat.


Starting from $49.00, you can have a wonderful snorkeling tour at Step Beach. You can swim among the pod of dolphins and observe the marine life in the coral reef.


And That’s all you need to know before going to swim with dolphins in Puerto Rico. There are many places where you can have that experience, and San Juan Bay, Rincón, and Condado Lagoon are our recommendations.

The amount of money you spend will fluctuate from $47.00 to nearly $100, depending on the type of tours and destinations you pick.

Thank you for your reading, and have a nice trip!

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