Top Collection Mexican Kitchens Style Decorating Ideas

Mexican kitchens style has always been a symbol of brilliance, distinctiveness, and freshness, so it is always an element that many people love and choose to decorate their kitchens.

If you are curious about this topic but still do not know how to decorate. Which idea is good and the right direction of the topic?

It’s great because everything you are looking for is right here in the following section! Read on to discover!

Mexican Kitchens

Is The Mexican Kitchen Decor Something You Are Considering?

This decor is always one of the focal points of everyone’s kitchen inspiration. This style’s overall beauty always attracts attention with saturated and bright colors.

What do you think about a unique and different kitchen when covering the style of Old Mexico? Amazing!

Overall, this is a very popular style in the western and southern regions of the U.S. If you design and arrange the kitchen in this style well, it will create a unique impression for your home.

Explore The List Of Top Ideas For Mexican Kitchens Decor

You can easily notice a vibrant but harmonious and warm decoration when looking at this decoration. The use of saturated, bold, and bright colors is a hallmark of the Mexican style.

This impression makes this style a decor choice that many people love. Explore the collection of outstanding ideas right here!

Hanging Chilies

If you go to a local restaurant in Mexico, you will see this typical decor. In general, with this garnish, you can use dried red chili pods or mix different colors, including dried and fresh chili peppers.

If you want to make it more unique, you can add vegetables and garlic to your Hanging Chilies.

Open Shelving

Open Shelving offers a bold traditional Mexican look. If large and closed cabinets make you feel cramped and heavy, then Open Shelving will be a great choice. This type will help your space become simpler and lighter.

Install shelves in the kitchen and place items on it such as ceramic bowls, cups, spices, glasses, and a small vase of flowers.

Mexican Kitchens

Mexico Pottery

Pottery is a mainstay in Mexican decor. If you follow this decor but don’t have the pottery, it’s an issue so bland. You only need to use the bowls and plates available to decorate the kitchen area to have a new space immediately.

Rounded Arches

You can see that most kitchens designed in the US often use rectangular or square shapes. In contrast, the Mexican tradition tends to be rounded arches.

In general, depending on your level of renovation and inclination, it is possible to add details such as rounded arches to the kitchen cabinets.

Mexico Motifs

These textures will be a beautiful and unique art idea for your wall. Mexico Motifs have a traditional character and image that helps create an element that is boldly “artistic”.

Wooden Hanging Rack

If you are a lover of boldness and simplicity, furniture like wooden hanging racks is right for you.

This type brings a rustic and simple but extremely unique style, and it is always the element that helps tie all decorating styles together and helps every item be more harmonious.

Mexican Kitchens

Decorate Countertops and Walls

While many other places favor minimalism, everything will be bright, busy, and joyful in Mexico. You can decorate the tabletop, center, and even wall.

Add Texture (Textiles)

Mexicans always have impressive traditional fabrics. Why don’t we use them for decoration? A good idea! Colorful woven fabrics, textures, and fancy details you can use to hang on your kitchen wall.

Colorful Tiles

Decorative brick seems to be a classic symbol of this design style. If other styles use simple or monochrome tiles, the Mexican style will be vibrant, geometric, fun, and colorful.

Backsplash Tile Arrangement

The backsplash tile arrangement is one of those great Mexican types. The main textures will be in the center, and the secondary textures with the border will be around.

With this decoration, you can take advantage of the island tiling pattern. Its repetitive details create a pretty powerful effect.

Geometric Patterns

People often mistakenly believe that geometric patterns must be arranged according to the same pattern and type. Let’s create more comfort and creativity, not limited to a framework. You can combine tile patterns to create a unique look according to personal taste.

Indigenous Styles

Historical or indigenous elements have always been a timeless theme for art deco styles. You can take advantage of Mexican colonization inspirations such as textures, paintings, or photographs to incorporate into your space from this problem.

Colorful Tabletops

The remarkable point in this style is that they use impressive light-colored wood parts for their table. You can decorate your brilliant table with a small tree. A great suggestion is that the tabletop is golden brown, and you can add a vase with some red flowers.

Mexican Kitchens

Mexican Wooden Furniture

If you love wooden furniture but don’t have enough money, don’t worry, because we don’t need to invest too much. You only need to prepare a few more wooden pieces of furniture such as a stool or low chair.

This decoration is convenient for the cooking process and brings beauty to the cooking area.

Colors in Juxtaposition

Although Mexican style has many bold and vibrant colors, it is always logically and purposefully juxtaposed. This factor is a great idea to create a fresh, bold, and exciting look in a living space.

Saturation, Bold Colors

Bold, bright, and saturated colors are exactly what the Mexican type should be. You can measure your space assessment to choose the most vibrant and reasonable paint colors.

Potted Succulents

How about adding a few potted succulents to your space? It’s amazing, and I think you should do this!

These types of cacti are usually absolutely easy to care for and are very impressive in appearance. You can add them to colorful pots and decorate them.

Mexican Kitchens


With this kind, you can decorate Margaritas to make them stand out. Margaritas are typical and famous drinks in Mexico, and you can make a glass of Margaritas and place them on the dining table or choose a related art to decorate.


Mexican Kitchens type has always been an all-time classic theme, and we can easily choose them to decorate. With the list of great ideas above, I hope you have chosen the most suitable species for yourself.

If you love this theme, then regularly update our reviews. Wish you have the most beautiful kitchen!

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