Top 5 Biggest Waterfalls In The World – Breathtaking Natural Sights

The world is full of spectacular sights; one such sight is waterfalls. From cascading crystal clear streams to roaring rapids, these powerful wonders never fail to leave an impression on those who see them. In this article, we will show you the top 5 biggest waterfalls in the world! Read on to find out more about these breathtaking views.

Top 5 Biggest Waterfalls In The World – By Height


Height: 979 meters / 3,212 feet

Angel falls is not just a beautiful waterfall – it is the world’s tallest and, some say, most beautiful. It is located in Venezuela’s Canaima national park, attracts around one million visitors each year who come to see this amazing natural wonder for themselves!

The falls cascade down the sheer face of Auyan-Tepui, prompting many tourists who are curious about its name to wonder what exactly “Angel” means (A Reference To Beauty From The Heaven)

There are several theories about the name Angel Falls. One theory was named after James Angel, an American explorer who discovered the falls on his journeys to find gold mines in 1930s Venezuela.

However, President Hugo Chavez renamed this waterfall Kerepakupai Meru, which is what the locals called it.

Angel Falls is a truly outstanding natural spectacle. It can only be seen from above or at its bottom, but both approaches yield amazing results!


The magnificent Iguazu Falls are among the highest in the world. The five cataracts (in a total of 3110 feet) make up this incredible natural wonder, the tallest of which is 1,350 feet.

This marvel is currently part of the Royal Natal National Park.

3rd Tallest: Tres Hermanas Falls

Known as The Three Sisters, this spectacular waterfall has three distinct aspects. First and foremost, it is ranked as the tallest waterfall in the world in 3rd place,” which makes it an impressive sight for anybody to witness!

Second, there are its tiers, which reach about 3000 feet in height.

You can visit this natural beauty at Otishi National Park, which is next to the Cutivireni River. However, the journey there can be difficult, and you will want the assistance of a skilled guide.


Olo’Upena Falls on Molokai Island, Hawaii, is the world’s fourth-highest waterfall. You can see the entire sight from land, sea, or air (Helicopter). The 900-meter-long fall does not have a particularly high flow rate or water density but rather flows slowly, charmingly, and majestically.

A kayaker’s or pilot’s tour will take you through olo’upena falls and its breathtaking views, which are best appreciated when seen firsthand rather than in pictures!

5th Tallest: Yumbilla Falls

The Amazon Rainforest is home to some of the world’s tallest waterfalls, but it also has hidden treasures. You can find such a gem in Peru in a forest of Gigantic Waterfalls. Cruises – The Amazon Rainforest Waterfall with a height of 2940 feet.

The hike through tropical jungles will provide you with one or more amazing experiences. The last destination, the waterfall, will undoubtedly give your heart beats faster than ever.

Top 5 Biggest Waterfalls In The World – By Width

1st Widest: Khone Phapheng Falls

The Mekong River is home to the world’s largest waterfall, which is located in Laos. The 35,376-foot-wide Khone Phapheng Falls, which flows two and a half million gallons of water every second, is twice the size of Niagara Falls.

The terrain is also quite spectacular and pure, assuring that you may discover inner serenity.

2nd Widest: Pará Falls

The Orinoco Rainforest has 12 waterfalls, including the Pará Falls.

It is a must-see attraction for every visitor to the Orinoco Rainforest. Para Falls spans 18400 feet over this chasm and boasts some impressive views throughout its length. It is located just upstream from where two rivers meet to create one large body of water.

This beautiful Falls has a horseshoe shape and requires a 2-hour hike through the forest to reach it.

3rd Widest: Kongou Falls

For Years, the beauty of Kongou Falls on the Ivindo River in the Invindo River National Park has been a source of contention in Gabon.

Locals have raised objections to the government’s plan to dam it and harvest its natural resources, so when you visit, this national park remains untouched, with no human activity nearby at all times!

Kongou Falls is exceptionally huge and spectacular, with an estimated width of 10,500 ft. The pointillist nature of this place will undoubtedly astound many individuals.

4th Widest: Iguazú Falls

Would you believe Iguazú Falls waterfalls are twice the size of Niagara falls? With a width of 8858 feet, these 275 individual drops form one magnificent structure that towers between Argentina and Brazil.

Although Argentina accounts for over 80% of the spectacular view, both countries contribute to this amazing natural wonder! This is a place not to be missed, with bus tours available for those who want an impressionistic tour overland or aerial views from helicopters.

5th Widest: Mocona Falls

Mocona Falls may not be the tallest, but it has massive width. It runs parallel to a UNESCO World Heritage Site-worthy 6800 feet of Uruguay River!


What is the strongest waterfall?

With speeds of up to 225kph, Niagara Falls is America’s most powerful waterfall. The 188-foot vertical plunge adds to the amazement; this must be a fantastic tourist attraction!

Where is the biggest waterfall on Earth?

It is situated between Greenland and Iceland in the Danish Strait. Cataracts that begin 2,000 feet below the Strait and drop to 10,000 feet deep at Greenland’s southern point can be found near the bottom of the Strait.


If you want to experience the natural beauty and get a refreshing break, visit one of the top 5 biggest waterfalls in the world. You will be amazed by their size and magnificent view!

The landscape in these locations will make you overwhelmed with majestic nature, helping you find peace inside yourself.

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