Top Things To Do In Cochem Germany That You Will Not Want To Miss!

Cochem Germany is an ideal destination for both business and leisure travellers. The town has a population of just over 10,000 people, and the Moselle River surrounds it.

You can find many interesting things to do when visiting this lovely town. Check out these five awesome places and activities that you should not miss!

What To Do When Visiting Cochem Germany?

There are lots of things to do in Cochem. Here are our top 5 recommendations:

Enjoy The Unique Mosel Valley Wines

The Mosel Valley has been a hotspot for wine production and tasting for centuries. Visitors would not complete a visit to Cochem without tasting some local wines here!

Cochem Germany
Mosel Valley

In the village, there is an endless supply of local flavours waiting in every cellar door. Pick a favourite place on the right bank, named H.Hieronimi. Their location provides you with beautiful views of riverfront property while sipping on wine. Who does not love this?

You can either walk in any time for just one glass of wine or schedule in advance more detailed presentations from resident experts. They will show you how the family has done in six generations, going back before even “Wine Tourism” became something people talked about!

The local wines of Cochem are mostly white or blush, and you can find them on menus as “sweet”, “dry”, or “semi-dry” in local restaurants. Whether it is an event for yourself to indulge in wine with dinner, make sure you try this delicious treat!

Explore The Town Through Boat Trips

Being among Europe’s largest inland waterways and Germany’s second most visited maritime route, Moselle is a must-visit spot when you come to Cochem.

You will be astonished at how many boats and cruise liners go by just chilling along the pier. The best part? You can join them with ease at Cochem for their various cruises available right now!

The Gebrüder Kolb family has been running the main cruise company on the Moselle since 1806 and owns 14 boats. The largest of these are Wappen von Cochem, with an enormous upper deck for you to enjoy the entire romantic views here.

If you want to go long-distance, a few hours upriver from Traben-Trarbach or all day Trier is a great idea. The captain’s expert navigation skills will get the ship out of many locks along the way.

All we have to do is enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food on the board. Believe us that this trip is worth a try!

Visit Reichsburg Castle

Reichsburg Castle (or Reichsburg Cochem) is the central focus of the Cochem landscape and is located beside the Mosel River. It also helps to form the village’s features.

Cochem Germany
Reichsburg Castle

This castle on the hill is one of Cochem’s most iconic landmarks. Every year, visitors climb to its peak and sip wine from vineyards below while taking in views of rivers and towns that this structure has witnessed for over 1,000 years.

Reichsburg Cochem rests upon a hill covered in vineyards, with a lovely winding walk leading down to the village below. Although the ascent is not hard, the gradient is high at some points of the journey from Cochem’s city centre.

The castle grounds are open to the public, where you can enjoy stunning views of the Mosel River valley below. In 1688, Louis XIV, Sun King, led French soldiers to destroy the majority of the castle.

Fortunately, the structure has been lovingly restored since then with funding from an entrepreneur who wanted locals and tourists alike to appreciate their history for what remains intact.

Stroll Along The Peaceful Mosel Promenade

Cochem Germany
Mosel Promenade

The Mosel Promenade is a perfect place to take in the beauty of this city. After dinner, nothing is better than going for a walk and ending up walking alongside one of Europe’s most romantic rivers-the mighty Rhine!

The Schlossberg castle offers yet another view as well. You can both see and feel like royalty while experiencing Cochem’s history firsthand.

Take A Wander And Have A Rest In Market Square

The quaint Market Square is the perfect place to take a break, and people watch. You will find all of your tourist needs here, but you have to visit Cochem’s Old World plaza for yourself before leaving!

Cochem Germany
Cochem Town Square

In addition, it houses half-timber houses with medieval stone clock towers or 18th century Rathaus which also has boutiques inside if shopping is not on the agenda today.

There are outdoor cafes near Saint Martin Fountain where one can sit while enjoying their latte in peace. This will help keep things interesting during those hot summer days.

As a popular tourist destination, Market Square is bustling throughout the day, and you will want to take advantage of that before it gets too crowded!

You can explore cobbled streets filled with old buildings like one-of-a-kind mustard mills called Senfmühle. You would like to spend time at one of many outdoor cafes while listening out for bagpipes playing tunes celebrating Scottish heritage from across Europe.


Whether you are in the area for a short break or a longer stay, there are many things to see and do in Cochem Germany. Enjoy your stay with our recommendations! We hope that you find this post helpful and inspiring for your next trip to this lovely city.

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