Best Place To Stay In Bangkok For Street Food

Referring to Bangkok, people will immediately imagine a paradise of street food. However, where to enjoy street food in Bangkok is not always known because there are many different food markets here.

This article will share the best place to stay in Bangkok for street food to help you choose the most interesting place to eat and freely experience the culinary specialties.

What Is The Best Place To Stay In Bangkok For Street Food?

Phaya Thai

The first destination is Phaya Thai, which offers local dishes like Thai curry noodles and spicy mango salad and Western dishes like steak and chips.

Phaya is located at Ratchaprarop and Petchburi Roads intersection, Ratchathewi, Bangkok. It is opposite Baiyoke Sky Hotel, about a 6 minutes walk or 2-minute drive from Ratchaprarop BTS Station.


Anyone who has been to Bangkok will agree that Chatuchak Weekend Market is Bangkok’s most iconic and famous market. This market boasts a “maze” of more than 8,000 monumental stalls, especially street food. So try to find a hotel near this spot.

You can immediately go to Muslim eateries like Muslim Saman (located in front of the Clock Tower). There’s everything from chicken biryani to tom yum or beef noodle soup. A stone’s throw from Saman is rustic Kak Jak serving green curry fried rice, spicy chicken salad with rice, and pad Thai.

The Chinatown

This place has nothing but street food, so it is not difficult to find a decent eatery that is mostly sidewalk stalls or food carts full of food inside. During the day, the market here is busy, but at night, people flock to the street to have dinner, which is extremely crowded.

Here, you can enjoy the popular grilled seafood specialties from Lek & Rut and T&K restaurants, dim sum dishes, egg oysters, Pad Thai noodles, and many other snacks (super soft toast is quite cheap). In addition, there are roasted chestnuts, ice cream, fruit, and a variety of exotic Thai-Chinese fusion desserts.

Bang Rak

Bang Rak is a famous street food tourist route where you can stay. Street food options including roast duck, crispy pork, congee, pork buns, green curry with roti, toast, and more, offering a delightful fusion of traditional Thai cuisine.

You will find it hard to resist the mouthwatering dishes when you walk down the street. From the smell of fried garlic, dumplings, and roasted duck from roadside restaurants, you will be immersed in hunger with countless different choices.


Ratchawat is located in the green space and quiet area of Dusit and at the end of Nakhon Chaisi road. Ratchawat Market is famous for its roasted duck restaurants, Kobe beef noodles, and other nameless eateries that serve so many colorful and flavorful dishes.


“Super” Siam commercial center is a shopping paradise and a place for you to eat comfortably. Breakfast here can be a nutritious bowl of acai (a type of food mashed in a bowl with fruits, cereals, and chia seeds) or a burrito (fried dough bread filled with meat, vegetables, and Mexican sauce).

For a sumptuous Thai lunch, head to Paste, the 38th restaurant in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2020. You can also check out Appia, the Roman-style restaurant, and El Mercado, where the menu is handwritten and serves imported meats.

Bang Khun Non

Bang Khun Non is the area with many of Bangkok’s best eateries and restaurants. Thus, you will want to stay near here for several days.

Here you can order the famous Som Tam Boo Maa. Or you can also eat many other dishes here such as yen ta fo, pork leg rice, and roasted duck. In addition, Bang Khun Non is not far from Taling Chan floating market, so you can visit there with ease.


Bangkok promises to deliver the most interesting and attractive street food experiences that you should not miss. Above are our recommendations for you to choose the best place to stay in Bangkok for street food. If you have any other questions, you can ask us to know!

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