Are You Hungry? Here Is The Best Street Food In Matunga To Enjoy!

Matunga is such a beautiful city to travel to, and of course, its well-known delicious cuisine is also a factor drawing everyone’s attention!

Are you feeling hungry while traveling to Matunga and not knowing what to eat for lunch or dinner? Stop worrying, as we can cover you with the list of best street food in Matunga! Let’s find out now!

6 Best Street Food In Matunga

Punjabi Bhel Cheese

Suppose you want to find the coolest food in the city, head straight away to Gupta Chat Center! This place is full of diverse signature dishes from this city, which is worth the hype, especially with this cool dish! This veggie dish is served with cheese, coriander, and raw mangoes.

Although these ingredients sound irrelevant, their combined taste will surprise you. It has a tangy edge that makes its flavor so astonishing.

Nugget Burger With Corn And Cheese

A piece of great news to burger lovers: you can find this delicious burger in Matunga. You may find this combination quite exotic, but to your surprise, that is what makes the flavor indeed!

In tacos, flakes and cheese can be seen together, but in a burger, with the assistance of hot crispy buns, fresh leaves, and nuggets, this combination will rock your world. Flash some mayonnaise into the dishes, and you can taste Matunga’s flavor in just one bite!

Tomato Omelet

You may be surprised when we include tomato omelets in this list. However, don’t be confused, as this signature dish from Matunga is completely different from the original egg plate you usually eat at home.

The twist comes from using rice batter base for the egg and then cooking with flavorful ingredients such as onions, peppers, chilies, and especially lots of tomatoes to make the eggs tastier.

At the same time, the batter becomes crispier due to heat. And there comes a tasty Garnish’s tomato omelet that can satisfy your hunger and appetizer. In case you are proud to say you are a true cuisine lover, this dish will blow your mind.

Dabangg Franky

Although the name sounds quite complicated, its ingredients are simple, such as noodles and paneer as the base and mayo and cheese as toppings. The main character in this dish is Manchurian balls, which will upbeat your dishes into a beautiful, tangy harmonization.

However, this incredible dish has a weak point of being too overpowering for those who didn’t favor strong flavor. Feel free to enjoy this cool dish while in Matunga, and you won’t be disappointed.

Fajita Panini

With the signature Tex Mex spices, Fajita Panini will heat your appetize once you have it on your tongue. It is a grilled sandwich with capsicum, butter, and sautéed onions.

And don’t forget the special masala sauce that lights up the whole sandwich, making it irresistible to bite it one more type. For spice-lovers travelers, this is a must on the menu!

Jackfruit Idli

You may have known the white idli that can turn out to be too plain. The 2.0 modern version has more jackfruit to add up the tropical twist. Every bite is yellowish in appearance and tasty in flavor. Its vibrant taste of jackfruit will make you eat it many times!


And that’s all of our suggestions on the most delicious street food in Matunga. While staying in this vibrant city, try to eat one of these six delicious foods to enjoy this town’s flavor while traveling fully. You won’t be disappointed by this dish, let me tell you!

Thank you for reading this article, and we will see you real soon in the next city! Enjoy Matunga and its delicious cuisine!

George Morgan
There's a kindness ripple effect! When I share knowledge with others, I sometimes see them do the same. The sharing spreads.

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