Where To Stay When Visiting Amalfi Coast – Best Vacation Spots

Italy’s favorite vacation destination, Amalfi Coast, has more than a hundred square kilometers and consists of thirteen lovely towns with a hundred unique beaches.

If you plan to relax under the bright sun, enjoy wonderful cuisine, or party with stars and celebrities until dawn, it is the place to be. Moreover, we have some destinations for where to stay when visiting Amalfi Coast to help you have the greatest time here in the next article.

Where To Stay When Visiting Amalfi Coast?


Located on the cliffside with a fantastic soft beach, Positano has magnificent architecture, a wide choice of bars and clubs, high-quality restaurants, and many excellent rental options. It’s a thriving town and among common destinations for visitors.

Although you may notice higher pricing when coming to Positano than in other places, you can still look for the most luxurious hotels and apartments, unlike anywhere else.


Sorrento offers a magnificent combination of classic and modern vibe when describing a place to stay for vacation. It features many amazing coastlines and is a fantastic pick to combine day tours into your schedule.

However, there is a drawback to the place when it gets overcrowded as soon as the summer comes due to its convenient characteristics.


Amalfi itself is the largest and most famous town on the whole coast. It’s also an alternative for people looking to experience the authentic Italian spirit. The place offers everything you desire, from breathtaking scenery to spectacular beaches to a rich culture.

You can also enjoy countless interesting pubs and cafes while relaxing there.


A stunning, lovely village on the coast that is perfect for loving couples. It can be peaceful when visiting here, and a great choice to stay for plain relaxation. You will see plenty of wonderful restaurants and stores waiting for you to discover, ensuring that you will never get bored.


Although there is no beach around the area, Ravello is an excellent choice for a calm, relaxing holiday or honeymoon. It is a tiny town located on top of a cliff, featuring multiple hotels viewing across the crystal deep sea.

We highly suggest the place to anyone searching for an intimate, quiet getaway but still involved with some small activities. Ravello is full of gorgeous Italian plants and residences, and there are great picture capture opportunities everywhere!

Maiori And Minori

They are two distinct towns that are pretty close, under two kilometers apart, and a great choice for families with children. These spots are calmer, less crowded, and suitable for a family trip, with a sandy beach right around the corner.

Maiori itself is a paradise for pasta enthusiasts. It also has the longest coastline in total.

Capri Island

Capri Island is technically not a connection place to Amalfi Coast, though the location is a beautiful island you should visit. It is simple to get there only by taking ferries. We suggest staying for a whole night for the fullest experience of this special place.

Explore the beautiful hotels, various stores, and great cuisine while visiting.


So there was our detailed information on where to stay when visiting Amalfi Coast. After viewing all the options above, you should have figured out the ideal place to take your trip there. Each of the locations has its distinct charms. Based on your desires, you may find the most suitable staying place for you. Thank you for reading! Good luck with your trip!

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