Halal Street Food In Tokyo – Top 5 Options You Shouldn’t Miss

Besides majestic architecture and beautiful natural scenery, Japan is also famous for its delicious food.

Travelers who get a chance to visit Tokyo should not miss out on the taste of a Muslim-friendly dish that will amaze you. This article will introduce you to the top 5 halal street food in Tokyo.

Top 5 Halal Street Food In Tokyo

1. Yaki-Imo

Yaki-Imo, or baked sweet potatoes, are simple yet one of the iconic dishes of autumn and winter in Japan.

In the old days, Yaki-imo were often sold in small vans that drove around town with loudspeakers emitting a catchy “Yaki-imo, Ishi Yaki-imo” call; just one bite, and the sweet flavor spreads throughout the mouth.

Over time, that small truck selling potatoes gradually became a cultural beauty in Japan.

Because of their beautiful color, Japanese sweet potatoes can be processed in many different ways, besides being baked in the original way, such as steamed with butter or sweet potato balls in various shapes.

2. Yaki Tomorokoshi

Another Muslim-friendly dish in Tokyo street is Yaki Tomorokoshi – grilled corn on the cob. Yaki Tomorokoshi is seasonal street food sold at street fairs and festivals.

When passing the stalls selling Yaki Tomorokoshi on the street, you will easily be tempted by the sweet scent of the dish because the corn is all meticulously marinated with soy sauce, miso, and salty butter.

3. Soba Noodles

Soba noodles are buckwheat flour noodles that are popular throughout Japan.

Mori Soba is the most basic soba noodle; after boiling, the noodles are soaked in cold water before being drained and arranged on a square plate. This noodle is typically served with soy sauce called “tsuyu.”

You can catch Soba noodles served in a bowl of soup; fold the noodles into your mouth with chopsticks and enjoy.

When you are eating in a Soba noodle shop, you may be unable to resist the vigorous sucking of the noodles of those around you and will instantly copy. You don’t need to be scared of being rude because this is customary in Japanese restaurants.

When eating noodles, the sound of sucking enhances the flavor and reduces the heat of the noodles in your mouth. You can drink the noodle soup directly from the bowl without a spoon since it will be tastier.

4. Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake made from flour, egg, and cabbage served with a topping, meat, cheese, or shrimp, grilled on a Teppan grill, then dipped with sauce to eat.

You can find this dish in specialized restaurants in Japan. Tables are sometimes prepared with a flat iron plate in some regions.

After you place your order, the waiter will change the temperature of the iron plate, place the ingredients (including Okonomiyaki dough, cabbage, eggs, and complementing toppings), and show you how to grill Okonomiyaki.

5. Mochi

Mochi is a type of Japanese cake, well-known as a famous sweet cake. Its popularity is due to being used as a gift to the gods in almost all traditional festivals.

There are numerous sorts of mochi, each with its recipe and flavor. Nonetheless, the crust is prepared from the best glutinous rice, and this cake represents the good fortune bestowed by the gods on the people of Japan.

Mochi in Japan not only appears during holidays or festivals, but many families or shops also use it as a dessert.


Whenever you come to Japan, try out these tasteful halal street food in Tokyo right away. Surely you will be amazed because the street food, though simple, will satisfy your tongue with explosive taste.

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