Street Food to Try in Brussels – List of The Most Delicious Items

There will be a shortage if you do not enjoy the well-known foods when you come to any place. Brussels is not an exception!

Brussels is very special because many street foods originated from this location. This article is everything you should know about street food to try in Brussels. Let’s find out what they are now!

Street Food To Try In Brussels

Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate was first created and launched into the market by the Belgians, making it one of the icons of the country. Chocolate and sugar were first grown for trade in Africa and brought to Europe. The Belgians mastered the art of producing chocolate, rivaling Switzerland and England in creating some of the best chocolates in the world.

There are about 2,000 master chocolatiers designated by their certification and some other 300 smaller shops that can offer a tasty treat.

Your trip around Belgium is not complete without trying one of the world’s most delicious chocolates.

If you are allergic to chocolate (how sad!), you can always buy some at the end of your Brussels trip for your loved ones.


In many places around the world, fries are called “French fries”. But this doesn’t mean it was the French who invented them.

The origin of “french fries” is still a subject of debate, but historians agree that Belgians were the first to start frying up potatoes in fat to serve as cheap fast food and sustenance for metalworkers. In Belgium, people call chips or fries “patat,” and they eat many.

There are plenty of pomme frites stalls and restaurants in Brussels with them on their menus. People in Belgium use a double-frying way to make “fries”. Therefore, Belgium fries are crispy and savory at all times.

Belgian Waffles

Some Belgian food items are known worldwide. As an example of such Belgian specialties, Waffles can be found in different countries around the world.

Waffles were introduced to Europe by the Romans, who made wafers from a very similar recipe to the one used today. In continental Europe, both cakes and pizzas sometimes are referred to as wafers.

Belgium is known for its many different types of waffles like Brussels Waffle and Liege Waffle which have their respective characteristics.

You can enjoy Belgian waffles in different ways with different choices, including plain, topped with fruit or drinks, and fellow syrups.


Most people who visit Brussels tend to order mussels because it’s one of the most delicious and mouthwatering meals they can try at a restaurant. It’s especially popular during the winter season, but even those not inclined to eat mollusks will give these a try.

When ordering them in restaurants, they are either served with fries on their plate or can be ordered along with the moules-frites (mussels and fries) dish that comes in only one size. That meal consists of mussels cooked simply in butter and white wine and french fries or frites.

Shrimp Croquettes

In Belgium, shrimp croquettes are commonly served over rice, potatoes, or pasta. Brussels even held a competition for the best shrimp croquettes in September 2019.

Believed to have originated during World War II, it’s said that shrimp croquettes first became popular among Dutch and Flemish soldiers who often ate them while they were stationed during wartime.

Shrimp croquettes remain popular as a snack food and have expanded their versatility through several recipes that include other ingredients such as cheese. You can easily find them in some restaurants both here and abroad! Try one with fregola Sarda cooked in sundried tomato sauce; yum!


There is no doubt that you should try street food when visiting Brussels. This experience will make your trip much more wonderful.

Save the list of street food to try in Brussels above to enjoy if you have a chance to come to this place. Should you need more options in other countries, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to help you!

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Della Harmony
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